Regular phone numbers not working

Minor incident Other / Third Party
2020-02-01 01:17 BST · 7 hours, 55 minutes, 26 seconds



This is resolved as of approximately 05:00. The fault was down to a fibre breakage in Gammas network. Gamma are a major UK telephony provider and are involved in the number routing before it gets to us.

February 1, 2020 · 09:12 BST

We’ve been alerted to an issue with our phone system which is blocking calls from coming in to us. This looks to be a problem with our phone supplier, and we have asked them to investigate as a priority.

In the interim you can reach us on +44 3333 403030.

Apologies for trouble you may have had reaching us.

February 1, 2020 · 01:19 BST

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